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Membership Options
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Landlords, Property Owners, Management Companies
Service Providers
General Public Memberships

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing on this page is effective May 6, 2011. This represents the official pricing for The Rental Spot and The Service Spot. This page takes precedence over any other unintentional discrepancies that may be discovered elsewhere on the site.

For new memberships, add a one-time $10.00 setup fee.

If you wish to have The Rental Spot take pictures for you, a $30 per ad charges applied.

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(not applicable for General Public Memberships)

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Landlords, Property Owners, and Management Companies
Choose either a Basic Membership + Any additional Features you prefer on an á la carte

OR Choose "The Works" Membership (see below)
Basic Membership  
Includes full detail listing on the website with up to five pictures, a Just Spotted Listing in the surrounding cities for first two weeks property is on the site, FREE promotional postcards of your property that will be distributed locally, plus some local advertising directing people to the site. Choice of local advertising is at the discretion of The Rental Spot.

One Property: $39.95/month

Two or More Properties: $95.00/month
(Post ALL the properties you have available - both rent and rent-to-own Residential or commercial) This is a total price, not a per property price.

Optional Features
(You may select any of the following upgrades)
Under the Spotlight Option Additional $10.00/month
When people search for properties, your listings will come up in the first set of search results (Under The Spotlight!)

Online Application Option Additional $5.00/month
You can opt to have a downloadable PDF online application for your property. Potential renters will be able to download the application, fill it out and bring it to the showing of the property or your office.

Request Line E-mail Option Additional $10.00/month
E-mails from the "Find Me A Spot" memberships (these are people who did not see what they were looking for on the site and have created a profile of the type of property they need) will be forwarded to you in case you have an upcoming property that will meet their needs.

Social Media Marketing Additional $40.00/month
Have RentalSpotDog promote your properties through facebook and twitter! Direct links to your properties. RentalSpotDog already has followers who are looking to rent and who follow daily to see what RentalSpotDog is promoting. Great way to increase your exposure to people you would not otherwise reach. A lot of additional traffic will be directed to your listings through social media marketing. Saves you time as RentalSpotDog does the work to have daily updates directing people to the site and your properties.

Initial Input of Listings (one-time charge)

Have a lot of listings to input for start up of your membership? Have The Rental Spot do that initial input for you! No hassle, you’ll be up and running on The Rental Spot in no time:

One to 10 listings to input: $35.00
11 to 30 listings to input: $70.00
31+ listings to input: $125.00

Remember: this is a one-time charge. (See Ongoing Inputting of Listings if you wish The Rental Spot to update your listings weekly)

Ongoing Input of Listings (once/week)

The Rental Spot can also keep your listings updated weekly. You can have your own Rental Spot Assistant. Someone from The Rental Spot will be assigned to your account and once a week will check against your own website listings or your own list of available rentals and mark properties rented that have rented that week and input new properties that have come available. What a time saver!

1-4 properties to update/month: $15/month
5-12 properties to update/month: $35/month
13-30 properties to update/month: $65/month
31+ properties to update/month: $125/month
Why not get Spot's "The Works" Package?

Get all the options and save money too! With "The Works" package you get your basic membership (including FREE postcards and local advertising) PLUS all your listings inputted and updated by a Rental Spot Assistant weekly, Social Media marketing, Under The Spotlight Feature, the Request Line E-mail and your application online.
  1. With 1-4 properties to update/month: Reg Price: $200.00/mo. Package Price: $175.00/mo
  2. With 5-12 properties to update/month: Reg Price: $250.00/mo Package Price: $225.00/mo
  3. With 13-30 properties to update/month: Reg Price: $325.00/mo Package Price: $300.00/mo
  4. With 31+ properties to update/month: Reg Price: $400.00/mo Package Price: $375.00/mo
**Yes,"The Works" packages are still eligible for the 15% Referral Discount!

Spot's "Get It Rented Now" Package

Have a property that needs some extra help to make it Rent Ready? RentalSpotDog & The Rental Spot team are here to help. The "Get It Rented Now" package includes a visit to the property to evaluate it complete with a rent ready checklist, pictures taken by The Rental Spot & rent comparisons for area. Then you will receive reduced rates on whatever services may be required to make the property rent ready; for example:

     Lawncare improvements
     Tree trimming
     Roof or Window repair, etc.

Once the property is ready to be placed on the website, you will receive the basic package Plus the Under The Spotlight feature, a Just Spotted listing, social media marketing, flyers, postcards, banner on your property’s lead picture,& a feature on Spot’s Blog re: #RentReadyRemodel.

CALL FOR PRICING 706-235-3036


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